Wired Campers Limited Camper Van Complete 10L Electric Hot Water System
Wired Campers Limited Camper Van Complete 10L Electric Hot Water System
Wired Campers Limited Camper Van Complete 10L Electric Hot Water System
Wired Campers Limited Camper Van Complete 10L Electric Hot Water System
Wired Campers Limited Camper Van Complete 10L Electric Hot Water System
Wired Campers Limited Camper Van Complete 10L Electric Hot Water System

Camper Van Complete 10L Electric Hot Water System

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The main part of any hot water system is obviously going to be the hot water tank. Our 10L stainless steel tank, its fitted with an 800W element and simply plugs into any existing 13A socket.

Simple to operate and fit and forget, just one cold water inlet and one hot water outlet with an adjustable temperate dial.

The tank has feet already fitted to the underside so simply needs to be installed on a flat surface and screwed down. 

Most tanks of this type are made of 0.8mm thick stainless steel with a stainless steel 316L heating element. We have upgraded this, so our tank walls are 1mm thick and the element has also been changed from steel, to incoloy 840 to improve the quality and longevity of the heater.

  • Voltage - 220V - 240V
  • Power - 800W
  • Capacity - 10L
  • Current Draw When Heating- 3.48 Amps
  • Max Water Temperature - 75°C
  • Tank Thickness - 1mm
  • Heating Element - Incoloy 840 
  • Built in thermal cut out
  • Certification - CE


The pump with the kit is a reliable one, its a pressure sensitive diaphragm pump, which means you can run them for longer periods than centrifugal pumps and because it's pressure sensitive, there's no need to fit an expensive tap with a built in switch to power the pump. Simply use any tap, and when its opened, the pump will sense it and automatically start

  • 12V DC
  • Complete with in line washable water filter
  • 3.5 BAR
  • 11.3 LPM

We've also included an accumulator with the pump, this keeps a head of pressure in the system, so it reduces 'tap splutter' that is so common with water systems fitted in campers and caravans.

For a quick an easy installation, these are already pre-assembled and fitted onto a rubber mounted board to reduce noise and vibration, The pump and accumulator are also rubber mounted onto the board to reduce vibration even further.


When water is heated, it expands. Most camper van water systems on the market don't have an expansion vessel fitted and we don't think that's right. Others just allow this water expansion to leave the system via a safety relief valve. This causes a small constant drip from your van. It's wasting water and energy having this going on, plus you are using a safety device not for its intended purpose.

To stop this, we include a 2L expansion vessel to store this expanding water, as the tank heats up, the hot water is kept in the system.

In a sealed hot water system in a property, these are fitted as a matter of course (and form part of building regulations), so why not in your van?


The hot water tank is already fitted with two safety devices (thermostatically controlled and safety cut off), but should these fail for any reason, the kit comes with a 6 BAR pressure relief valve. In the event of failure, and pressure building up beyond normal levels, this valve would open and release it. Again, similar to what is fitted in a domestic setting.


Vans and layouts can come in all different shapes and sizes so we can't cater for everyone in the kit, however will include the below items which is enough to create the main parts of a functioning system (Minus your cold water tank and tap/shower fittings etc.). If you need longer pipes or more joints/corners etc. you can find these on our site to purchase separately.

  • 4M X 12mm Red flexible hot water pipe
  • 6M X 12mm Blue flexible cold water pipe
  • 1 X 300mm Flexible copper pipe
  • 1 X 500mm 1/2" to 1/2" Flexible hose
  • 4 X 1/2" Female to 12mm pipe adapters
  • 1 X Water tank fitment to 12mm pipe adapter
  • 1 X 1/2" Male to 15mm brass compression adapter
  • 2 X 1/2" Female union to 2 x 1/2" male T brass couplers
  • 1 X 12mm Equal tees
  • 1 X 12mm Straight connectors
  • 1 X 12mm Equal elbows
  • 1 X 12mm Two Way Y Divider
  • 3 X Tap isolation valves
  • 25 X Collet locking clips
  • 20 X 12mm pipe inserts
  • 25 X P Clips


As with all the kits and layouts provided on our site, they serve as a guide only and we recommend all wiring and installation is carried out by a qualified professional. Disconnect all AC and DC power sources to prevent accidental shock. It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all the applicable installation codes, regulations, and to ensure the equipment is fitted correctly.

Current lead time on this kit is 7 days.