Wired Campers Limited NEW CTEK KIT
Wired Campers Limited NEW CTEK KIT
Wired Campers Limited NEW CTEK KIT
Wired Campers Limited NEW CTEK KIT
Wired Campers Limited NEW CTEK KIT
Wired Campers Limited NEW CTEK KIT

CTEK D250SE Complete Camper Van 12V Kit With Touch Controls, 240V Mains Hook Up & Solar

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Introducing our new kit for Summer 2023!

This kit will provide you the following functions -


Leisure battery charging from the alternator your van. This is powered by a CTEK D250SE DC-DC battery to battery charger.

The CTEK D250SE is a fully automatic, 5 stage DC-DC charger that supplies up to 20A of power to any 12V lead acid or ­lithium leisure battery from 40–300Ah.

It has ­selectable charging algorithms for standard lead acid, AGM and lithium batteries and can use power through its dual input from the alternator fitted to your van and an optional solar panel controlled by MPPT. When the service battery is fully charged, the D250SE will ­automatically redirect maintenance charge ­power to the starter battery.

The D250SE can maintain a stable output up to 20A to vehicles fitted with smart ECU controlled ­alternators and also has a temperature sensor for optimised charging, regardless of weather conditions.

What makes up this part of the kit?

  • CTEK D250SE 20A DC-DC Battery To Battery Charger (Standard Or Smart Alternator & Solar Input)
  • 5M 16mm² Red High Flex Battery Cable 
  • 2M 16mm² Black High Flex Battery Cable
  • 5M 2.0mm² Red Single Core Thin Wall Automotive Cable (For Switched Live (Smart))
  • 5M 2.0mm² Black Single Core Thin Wall Automotive Cable And In Line Fuse For Lithium (For Battery Selection)
  • Set Of Leisure Battery Terminals With PVC Covers
  • 2 X Bolt Down MIDI Fuse Holders
  • 2 X 30 AMP MIDI Fuses
  • 4 X Assorted Piggy Back Fuse Holders All With 5A Blade Fuses (For Vehicle Connection)
  • All associated ring terminals, crimps, connectors and heat shrink to complete the circuit.

Technical Details

  • Transformation - 12V > 12V
  • Input battery voltage - 8V > 16VDC
  • Charging current - 20A
  • Lead acid charging voltage - 13.2V > 14.7V
  • Lithium charging voltage - 12.6V > 14.6V
  • Efficiency - 90%


As the CTEK DS250SE is a dual input battery to battery charger, it also allows you to connect a solar panel into the kit without the expense of having to run a separate MPPT solar controller and associated cabling.

You can use the charger without solar (and add it at a later date) or the kit can come ready with a 150W semi flexible solar panel ready to wire in.

What makes up this part of the kit?

  • 150W Semi flexible reinforced black solar panel
  • 5M 6mm² Red solar cable
  • 5M 6mm² Black solar cable
  • 10A In-line MC4 solar fuse
  • MC4 connectors
  • All associated ring terminals, crimps, connectors and heat shrink to complete the circuit.

Technical Details

  • Peak power: 150W
  • Maximum power voltage: 18.2V
  • Maximum power current: 8.24A
  • Open circuit voltage: 21.4V
  • Short circuit current: 8.74A
  • Power allowance range: +/- 5%
  • Solar Panel Dimensions: 1110 x 710 x 2 mm
  • Weight: 4.45 kg


This great Bluetooth monitor allows you to keep an eye on the current state of leisure battery by providing various stats such as voltage etc as well as - 

  • Receive notifications of battery condition when in Bluetooth range.
  • Alerts via your phone if the system detects abnormal data.
  • Short-circuit and reverse connection protection.
  • Data stored in the battery monitor for up to 35 days if out of sync.

What makes up this part of the kit?

  • Bluetooth 4.0 mobile app 12V battery voltmeter monitor


This is the central hub for the distribution of higher current 12V power. This runs from your leisure battery via a fuse and isolator.

What makes up this part of the kit?

  • 12V 6 Way blade fuse box block holder with LED indicator & fuses
  • MIDI bolt in fuse holder
  • 100 AMP MIDI fuse
  • Removable key medium duty 12V 200A battery power isolator
  • 2M 16mm² Red hi-flex battery cable
  • 2M 16mm² Black hi-flex battery cable
  • All associated ring terminals, crimps, connectors and heat shrink to complete the circuit.

Isolator Technical Details

  • 200A Continuous current
  • 1000A Peak current (5 seconds)
  • 10mm Terminals
  • Four removable side panels for easy cable entry
  • Mounting bolts and locking nuts
  • Removable key for additional safety

Fuse Box Technical Details

  • Built in negative bus bar
  • LED function on each output that will illuminate to show any blown fuses
  • Numerous labels for easy identification of outputs
  • Complete with 6 fuses (2 X 5A, 2 X 10A, 2 X 15A)
  • Mounting screws


A great modern alternative to a traditional control panel. This allows you to control up to 10 different 12V accessories and each switch can be sent to either standard ON/OFF or momentary.

Using a light up membrane touch panel, this connects via USB to the control box, where you can attach your power and wiring out to your accessories.

The back light can be turned on and off (great for finding it in the night!) and the panel shows a red indicator when a switch is turned on.

It's small size and slim profile means it'll fit in most places unlike traditional panels, and you only need to drill a small 15mm hole for USB cable to pass through.

The control box also contains re-settable fuses, so there is no need for a separate fuse box.

Comes complete with 60 assorted stickers, terminals, and instructions.

This is the main control panel in the van, fed from its own dedicated high current supply from your leisure battery. 

There is also a 12 way negative bus bar provided, so you can terminate all negatives to this point from the control panel.

What makes up this part of the kit?

  • 12V 10 Way Camper Van Light Up Membrane Touch Panel & Control Box
  • 12 Way terminal DC negative common bus bar
  • 3M 16mm² Red hi-flex battery cable
  • 3M 16mm² Black hi-flex battery cable
  • 25M 2.0mm² twin core thin wall automotive cable
  • All associated ring terminals, crimps, connectors and heat shrink to complete the circuit.

Panel Technical Details

  • Panel IP67 Rated
  • Built in PPTC fuses
  • Max 10A per switch
  • Cumulative 60A rating
  • Voltage rating 11-30V
  • Power terminals - M5 stud
  • Load terminals - .250 Quick terminals

Bus Bar Technical Details

  • Max - 150A 48V
  • Number of screw terminals - 12
  • Number of studs - 2


Powered from the 6 way fuse box, this small panel is great for installing in the bed area of your van as it doesn't take up too much space and its ideal for charging a phone or tablet.

What makes up this part of the kit?

  • 12V Camper/Caravan mini panel - dual quick charge 2.4A USB & 12V socket
  • Two hole mounting plate with screws
  • 2.5M 2.0mm2 twin core thin wall automotive cable

Technical Details

  • Quick Charge Dual 2.4A USB Chargers
  • 12V Power socket
  • Fitting Screws
  • Terminated cables with an in-line fuse
  • Blue LED


Similar to the other two units, this is also powered from the fuse box, but this one is your high powered quick charge USB C (PD) & USB A port, suitable for charging large capacity devices, complete with an LED voltmeter to check your battery voltage at a glance,

What makes up this part of the kit?

  • 12V Battery Voltmeter & Quick Charge 3.0 18W USB C PD Port & USB A Port 18W
  • One hole mounting plate with screws
  • 2.5M 2.0mm² twin core thin wall automotive cable

Technical Details

  • Built in ON/OFF switch to conserve power
  • Mini fused power cable
  • One gang mounting plate
  • Multi-coloured LED battery voltmeter
  • Dust Cover
  • USB Type A Quick Charge 3.0 Port
  • USB Type C PD Port


This part of the kit will allow you to hook up to a standard 16A camp site site hook up and will then power the mains sockets in the van. As standard, the kit will come with two double three pin sockets (In a choice of finish), both complete with dual 2.1A USB ports and a standard three pin socket to power the on board mains battery charger.

This mains consumer unit  will be 90% pre-assembled with all the major wiring in the completed. All you need to do is route the cables in your van and wire up the 16amp hook up point, the switch, and sockets.

What makes up this part of the kit?

  • IP65 Rated 8 way enclosure with earthing bar
  • 30 mA Double pole RCD
  • 2 X 10A Double Pole MCBs for double sockets
  • 6A Double pole MCB for battery charger single socket
  • 2 X 13A Metal flat double sockets with dual USB
  • Single white plastic socket
  • 2 X Flush double socket mounting boxes
  • Surface mount single socket mounting box
  • Flush hook up point available in black or white
  • 5M 2.5mm² 3 core flexible mains cable
  • 3 X 3M 1.5mm² 3 core flexible mains cable 
  • 2M 6mm² tri rated earth cable
  • 5 X 20mm Glands
  • Safety stickers

Technical Details

  • Conforms to British safety standard BS 7671:2018
  • Main input protected with double pole RCD
  • Each Individual outlets protected with double pole MCBs
  • Flush mounted magnetic hook up flap (Available in black or white).


This is small but vital part of the kit. This charger is hard wired onto the leisure battery terminals in the van. It serves various functions but the two main ones enable you to keep your leisure battery topped up at home as the charger can be left attached permanently, but also when on site, it keeps power to your battery so that you can continue to run your 12V equipment without having to start the van or rely on solar.

What makes up this part of the kit?

12V 10A/9A 6 Stage (Lead Acid/AGM) / 4 Stage (Lithium) mains smart intelligent leisure battery charger & maintainer.

Technical Details

  • Short circuit, over charge and reverse polarity protection
  • Leisure battery charger output - 10A (Lead Acid/AGM) / 9A (Lithium)
  • Max Voltage - 14.5V Lead Acid / 14.9V AGM / 14.4V Lithium
  • LCD Screen showing charging current, battery condition and voltage


    Although we have listed the 12V cable as separate lengths in each part of the kit, these are only suggestions as we know sometimes this isn't suitable and you need longer or shorter lengths. So all of the same cable will be provided on a continuous roll for you to cut up and install as per your build to give you a bit more flexibility.

    This will mean you end up with the following reels of 12V cable - 

    • 16mm² Red Positive Hi Flex - 10M
    • 16mm² Black Negative Hi Flex - 7M
    • 2.0mm² Thin Wall Twin Core Automotive Cable - 30M
    • 2.0mm² Red Positive Thin Wall Single Core Automotive Cable - 5M
    • 2.0mm² Black Negative Thin Wall Single Core Automotive Cable - 5M

    As with all the kits and layouts provided on our site, they serve as a guide only and we recommend all wiring and installation is carried out by a qualified professional. Disconnect all AC and DC power sources to prevent accidental shock. It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all the applicable installation codes, regulations, and to ensure the equipment is fitted correctly.