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MPPT DC-DC Battery To Battery Charger 160W Solar Panel Add On Pack

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Our 160W MPPT solar panel kit provides everything you need to install a solar panel with our DC to DC Battery to Battery charger kit. We've done all the hard work for you, working out all the appropriate fusing and cabling to ensure your kit not only lasts a long time, but is safe and reliable.

The NEMO unit we sell is dual input so allows connections from both your alternator and a solar panel, this kit will comes with everything you need to wire a panel up to the unit so that you can have two methods of charging your leisure battery.

Kit consists of the below items, if you have any questions or would like anymore information please just contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

Solar Panel

160W MONO solid solar panel mounted in a light weight aluminium frame. Approximate size of the panel is 1480MM X 670MM X 35MM. The panel comes fitted with 5M of solar cable terminated with MC4 connectors.

Solar Equipment

Six piece ABS UV resistant roof mounts, available in black or white.

Cable entry glands and cover, available in black or white.

MC4 Solar connector.

Solar fuse and MC4 waterproof holder.


Solar Panel wiring will be in 6mm2 UV resistant solar cable, available in 3M, 5M, or 7M lengths.


2 X 8mm hole crimp terminals to attach the solar cables to the DC-DC unit.

Optional Build Charge

To attach solar connectors and fuse crimps you will need special tools. If you don't have these we offer a service where we will cut and terminate the solar cables to your requirements for a £20 charge.

 PLEASE NOTE - The current lead time on this kit is approximately 7 days.